HAIRMETTO™ Hair Restoration Kit with Titanium Dermaroller

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Your Restoration Program Starts Here!

This Kit includes a power house of natural ingredients to soothe the scalp, reduce inflammation and block DHT.

Included are 2 bottles of HAIRMETTO™ SERUM and 1 bottle of HAIRMETTO™ OIL, along with a complementary Dermaroller well known for opening up skins pores for ready absorption of nutrition.

The benefits of weekly deep penetrating oil along with convenient daily water-based serum gives your scalp the optimal benefit of protection and restoration of follicles. 


Apply HAIRMETTO™ SERUM (white bottle) 6 days of the week and leave it on throughout the day. This alcohol free formula is water based and will not leave your hair with an oily feel. Apply, style and go. The nutrients will permeate your roots throughout the day, delivering the botanical benefits of Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Peppermint essential oil. You may experience tingling/cooling sensations as the botanicals stimulate blood circulation, but these gradually dissipate.


Once per week (day 7), use the Dermaroller along with HAIRMETTO™ OIL (black bottle). Although the texture is oily, it contains necessary collagen boosting and skin soothing botanicals that, along with the Dermaroller, stimulate collagen production as well as the production of new skin cells.

  1. Wash hair and scalp with a natural shampoo.
  2. Once hair is dry, apply HAIRMETTO™ OIL to lightly coat the scalp
  3. Sanitize Dermaroller with rubbing alcohol or boiling water
  4. Using light pressure, roll the Dermaroller over hair loss area of scalp in a consistent pattern of back to front, side to side and diagonally. Perform each motion 3 to 5 times. Do not press hard enough so as to draw blood. Do not use on areas with wounds.
  5. Once more apply HAIRMETTO™ OIL to the scalp and leave on for 8 hours or over night for best results.

HAIRMETTO™ Oil is a powerful combination of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Castor Oil and essential oils. Applied directly to penetrate your roots, the ingredients work together to block DHT and prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Apply at bedtime for overnight absorption. (Daytime use is fine as well, however the oily consistency may not be as compatible to your lifestyle.)

If you wish to use the Oil twice per week, there will be no need to use the Serum on that day; however using the Dermaroller more than once per week is not recommended. 

What's the difference between HAIRMETTO™ Oil and HAIRMETTO™ Serum?

Watch a Dermaroller tutorial: 

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