Learn how a Dermaroller Helps with Hair Loss

What is a Dermaroller?

Derma Rolling is also known as micro-needling. Dermarollers are made of many high grade micro needles which roll over and penetrate the skins upper surface painlessly.

Outfitted with 540 tiny needles, each Dermaroller provides your scalp with vital micro-dermabrasion to open up the pores, providing two major benefits.

  • they stimulate collagen growth which significantly improves the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch mark, and acne scars, if used on the face.
  • they allow the transdermal application of creams, gels and oils, to be absorbed far more effectively - boosting their effectiveness. This is relevant to topical hair loss treatments; allowing the saturation of the follicles.


 How does the Dermaroller benefit the scalp?

 As you roll over your skin, it creates pin point punctures into the dermis – the majority of which are simply pushing your pores open temporarily.

This is perceived by the body as damage, which stimulates the release of growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin.

The human body naturally reacts to any injury by initiating the healing process, but usually it will only heal as far as it must to keep you healthy – which is different to healing on a cosmetic level. By persistently triggering the healing process, you encourage your body to continue healing until you are satisfied with the results. 

By opening the skin in this way, you not only dramatically increase the penetration of any topical product, increasing its efficacy, but you also create miniature perforations that stimulate the skin’s healing mechanisms, increasing production of many important factors for a healthy skin.

Dermarollers comes in different size needle length. The sizes considered safest for home use are 0.25mm or 0.5mm. There are needle lengths of 1mm or more, but these are recommended for use by professionals. 

Studies show that for absorption of topicals, 0.25mm is effective. For more 'wounding' of the scalp in order to create more of a 'healing' effect, 0.5mm length is effective. Therefore, those who want to increase the release of growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin, using a 0.5mm will be effective.

Start your 6-month program now with the HAIRMETTO® Hair Restoration Kit with Dermaroller*. Topical nourishment of your roots - a daily defense to block DHT without drug-related side effects. 

*The Dermaroller size included in the KIT is 0.25mm. To purchase the 0.5mm Dermaroller separately, please click here. All Dermaroller needles are highest grade titanium coated stainless steel.


Here's a link to a study done from the Journal of Trichology showing the superiority of dermarolling, over just applying topical hair growth treatment alone. 


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