It's best used within one year after opening. Unopened bottles will retain their properties for 2 years due to the self-preserving action of the ingredients.

There are no studies to confirm or deny the effectiveness of DHT blocking shampoos, but in general these shampoos should be better choices in that many shampoos avoid cheap or harsh ingredients such as sulfates.

Our primary concern in producing HAIRMETTO®; was designing the healthiest product possible. HAIRMETTO® is not made from ingredients you would buy in grocery or drug store. We have sourced organic where possible and always the highest quality choice, not the cheapest.

The valuable properties of natural medicines are often lost in the processing and refining of plant oils. We have specifically gone to manufacturers and sourced plant oils extracted using the proper techniques such as Cold Pressed and CO2 Extracted.

You probably have found that items that are natural, organic or of high quality are almost always more expensive than their chemical cheaper quality counterpart. HAIRMETTO® offers choice to those who demand effective high quality natural ingredients.


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Minoxidil, Shedding and HAIRMETTO™

Some customers have decided to switch days they use each product (one day HAIRMETTO®, one day minoxidil) with the intent of gradually phasing out minoxidil days. Of course if you have any adverse reactions using this approach please discontinue use or consult a physician.

For realistic expectations, please know you may experience shedding again. Regarding shedding, its not the particular product so much as it is the disruption in the hair growth cycle in changing products. Minoxidil is not blocking DHT. The ingredients in HAIRMETTO® do. 

According to the Mayo clinic:

“ People typically lose about 100 hairs a day. This usually doesn't cause noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is growing in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when this cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted...”

Potential Symptoms

When, for the first time you are using a product that blocks DHT, this may cause a disruption in the cycle of hair growth in some individuals. However, it also means hair is responding to the treatment. Even though minoxidil doesn't block DHT, it lengthens the hair growth stage thus disrupting the hair growth cycle. Notice what the Mayo clinic mentions about those who start Minoxidil for the first time:

“ At first it may cause you to shed hair. New hair may be shorter and thinner than previous hair. At least six months of treatment is required to prevent further hair loss and to start hair regrowth. You need to keep applying the medication to retain benefits.”

Whether you are switching onto minoxidil or off it and on to another, it stands to reason that there will be a disruption in your normal hair growth pattern. But keep in mind that for a truly effective treatment, you need to block DHT which is choking the roots and thinning the hair. So while you may shed some already weakened and thin hair, further hair loss will be halted due to DHT being blocked - without drug related side effects.

Absolutely! Especially if you know that AGA (androgenetic alopecia) runs in your family, start early to ensure DHT doesn't get a grip on your follicles. (Of interest is the study of epigenetics which indicate that just because you have the 'gene', it may not affect you.)

Many of our customers have a full head of hair and want to keep it that way. Regularly use either the Oil or the Serum and allow the effective nutrients to permeate our follicles, preventing the enzymes from converting into DHT and eventually choking the root. And rest assured that through regular use, you won't experience the unwanted side effects that pharmaceuticals would give you.

Yes. People typically lose about 100 hairs a day. This usually doesn't cause noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is growing in at the same time. This is not hair loss or what is referred to as ‘shedding’, this is the normal cycle.

Hair loss however is generally the gradual miniaturization of the hair follicle over multiple hair cycles with the follicle eventually dying and hair growth stopping.

‘Shedding’ sometimes called ‘a shed’ is a disruption in the cycle of hair growth in which the follicles are alive but have lost their hairs at the same time, often in response to starting a new hair loss treatment. Although at first a cause for worry, it means the hair is responding to the treatment and is not a reason to stop treatment.

According to the Mayo clinic’s website, about users who experience a shed in response to their hair loss treatment: “[As with any hair loss treatment], at first it may cause you to shed hair. New hair may be shorter and thinner than previous hair. At least six months of [your chosen] treatment is required to prevent further hair loss and to start hair regrowth. You need to keep applying the medication to retain benefits.”

We caution against using them both mixed together as one may counteract the properties of the other. HAIRMETTO® products contain only botanicals that act in the same way that the pharmaceuticals are designed to do.

If you choose to alternate using both, it's important that HAIRMETTO® products be applied to a cleansed scalp, even exfoliated. This allows the medicinal benefits of the oils to properly saturate and stimulate the follicles.

Some choose to alternate using both in order to gradually use only HAIRMETTO® where:

1) DHT is blocked,

2) testosterone is prevented from converting to DHT, and

3) follicles are being nourished with antioxidants and essential fatty acids for regrowth. Minoxidil does not block DHT.

There's no medicinal reason that we are aware of that would prohibit use of both.

However, you should know that minoxidil does not block DHT. It works by vasodilation, expanding the blood vessels and extending the growth phase of a follicle. The topical solution is chemical and some have noticed increased itchy scalp, dry scalp and possible other side effects due to our skin being our largest organ. HAIRMETTO® products contain only botanicals that act in the same way that the pharmaceuticals are designed to do.

Shedding is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. On average, we all lose about 100 hairs a day without even realizing it. Once we visibly notice that our hair has thinned out, either in density, or the actual hairs are thinner in diameter, there is a problem at the root level. As in cases of male/female pattern baldness, DHT has restricted the root and slowly caused it to become weak and brittle, eventually falling away. Once the root is nourished back to health, it is ready to grow healthy hair. The scalp will dispose of the weak, brittle hair. This can be unsettling, especially if you are in your first or second month of using HAIRMETTO™. However, shedding in this way is a good sign as your scalp is healthier and the DHT is losing its grip. A new hair is ready to take its place. Shedding happens when any hair regrowth treatment is applied and working.

Topical Usage

Absolutely! HAIRMETTO® will work when used as directed and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Since hair growth progresses slowly, patience is required. One factor is the length of time you have been noticing hair loss. Those who have recently begun to notice hair loss will notice regrowth faster than someone who has been losing their hair over many years. The longer your hair follicle has remained in a dormant state, restricted by chronic DHT, the longer it will take for your roots to become nourished again and grow a healthy hair. Patience is key with any hair loss treatment, and you can feel good about HAIRMETTO® botanical drug-free formula for long term use.

The reason thinning hair is noticed in the first place is because the hair follicle is being restricted due to the abundance of DHT which chokes it to the point of becoming weak and brittle. The hair will eventually fall away. When the roots are nourished on a regular basis, the DHT is minimized. Not just off the surface of the scalp, as in the cases of shampoos, but the oils penetrate deep into the roots.

Currently most people accept that there is no cure for hair loss. There are only treatments such as topical treatments, laser, drugs and hair transplant surgery. A treatment can only treat a problem, not cure it. HAIRMETTO® is a treatment for blocking DHT and stimulating follicle growth. If stopped, hair will resume its former pattern of loss as is the case with any treatment.

As with any hair regrowth treatment, it often takes months before visible growth is seen. This is because hair loss and hair growth is not quick. By the time one notices visible hair thinning or hair loss, many months or years may have passed by where the roots were being slowly choked and deprived of the nutrients needed.

Once HAIRMETTO™ is allowed to penetrate the roots for a length of time on a regular basis, the roots are being nourished back to health. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. If hair loss has occurred over many years, then regrowth may take longer than for someone who has experienced recent hair loss. This said, many start to see improved scalp and hair condition within days or weeks, and regrowth within 6 months. 

HAIRMETTO® Oil has been a customer favorite since 2014. It's a powerful combination of 6 different oils - no water - and as such, has the ability to penetrate deep into the saturated roots overnight; delivering the antioxidant nourishment to the follicles. Since its consistency is 100% oil, the texture on the hair may not be compatible to leaving it on during the day.

For those who prefer not to sleep with it in every night, the Serum is a water-based alcohol-free gel, which can be applied and styled for regular daytime activities. It contains the same DHT blocking saw palmetto extract, combined with Stinging Nettle and Peppermint oils for an effective scalp treatment while you work and play. If you should choose the Serum, we highly recommend the Oil be used once a week at night to provide that deep penetration to the roots, especially if used in conjunction with the Dermaroller which opens up and prepares the scalp to receive the nourishment. Always apply your treatment to a clean scalp for best results.

Due to the oily texture of the Topical Oil (black bottle), you will want to wash it out. The oils will not clog your pores as they saturate your roots.

If you shampoo every day, choosing a sulphate-free shampoo will be better for your hair.

If you do not shampoo every day and want to benefit from the Topical Oil, you may prefer to apply the Oil to your scalp on the night before you shampoo and leave it on overnight. You can use the Topical Serum during the day.

No, it will dry to your style. Massage in and leave on for the day. You can blow dry into damp hair. You can reapply the next day. The product is water-based. Saw palmetto and stinging nettle oils will not clog pores.

There is no required amount of time but at least enough time to distribute and to begin working the product into the scalp skin. One minute of gentle massage would be sufficient for most but some may choose to do so longer to increase circulation at the same time. The key in either case is to be gentle.

A minimum of 8 hours is recommended.

Men taking saw palmetto as an oral supplement report effects from the prostate up to the scalp. The amount of ingredients absorbed systemically is understood to be reduced in that it is applied topically and absorption is localized for the most part to the scalp as opposed to taking the ingredients orally. Some people do not want to effect change in the whole body so prefer to apply it topically.

Health Concerns / Scalp Conditions

The ingredients in HAIRMETTO® tackle hair loss from 3 angles: DHT, circulation and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal. Stress that has compromised the immune system could result in development of bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp in which case HAIRMETTO® could help promote healing.

There are no studies to confirm or deny that the ingredients used in HAIRMETTO®, when applied topically, will affect women’s hormones. The amount of ingredients absorbed systemically is understood to be reduced in that it is applied topically and absorption is, for the most part, localized to the scalp as opposed to ingesting the ingredients orally.

But just to be sure, it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers to use this product. In all other cases one could consult their doctor as each individual situation and current drug therapies may need to be considered.

Studies involving the topical use of products containing Saw Palmetto show no secondary effects or increase in the number of reported side effects as compared to groups using placebo

The ingredients in HAIRMETTO® Oil (black bottle) contain anti-bacterial/anti-fungal rosemary, lavender and cedarwood essential oils. The Castor oil contains skin soothing vitamin E. The pumpkin seed and saw palmetto oils contain fatty sterols necessary for healthy skin condition. 

HAIRMETTO® Serum (white bottle) is not recommended in this case as the peppermint oil in the serum, although not harmful, may be found irritating in certain cases of dermatitis.

Try having a bottle of purified or deionized water stored in your shower just for hair washing. Also a once-a-week scalp peel using 2% BHA liquid can dissolve the dead skin cells and dried sebum.

Sterols are not to be confused with steroids, the two have no relation. Sterols are fatty acids which help keep skin supple and healthy. They also contain the medicinal properties of the plant. Therefore higher sterol content of extracted oil equals a higher quality product. We proudly use the highest fatty acid content possible (85-95%) when sourcing our CO2 Extracted Saw Palmetto oil.

Anything in high amounts - fats, oxygen, certain minerals etc. are not good for the body, yet in the proper amount they are absolutely necessary. We have carefully studied the ratios required for safely combating scalp issues and formulated our product accordingly.

Derma Roller

It really depends on the thickness of your hair. If you have fine or thin hair you shouldn’t have to cut it. You could apply the hair oil before derma rolling to flatten the hair and then comb it in the direction you will roll. If you have thick hair and after trying the derma roller it does not penetrate the hairs to reach the scalp then you may need to cut it.

Absolutely, and for good reason! One of the goals of micro needling is to increase collagen in the scalp. Some chemical hair loss treatments are known to inhibit collagen production so it would be detrimental to apply it immediately after derma rolling.

Plant oils, however, help with collagen production and can be used in conjunction with derma rolling, even helping prevent infection after derma rolling due to the antibacterial essential oils of lavender, cedar wood and rosemary.

It is not recommended. The dermaroller is technically 'injuring' the scalp tissue to create a healing response which encourages new skin cell production. Derma rolling again before the healing process is complete would be counterproductive to your goal.