How to use HAIRMETTO® Topical Oil

Parting your hair, apply a few drops of the oil onto different areas of the front and top of your scalp. By tipping the bottle upside down, the applicator tip will guide the oil to exactly where you need it. Close the applicator tip upon completion. 

Gently massage HAIRMETTO® into the roots each night. Use enough to ensure root coverage, but not so much that it drips. In most cases it is a teaspoon worth. 

Many use a bandana or sleep with a covering over their pillowcase. By morning, most of the oil will have been absorbed into your skin, ensuring effective delivery to each follicle.

Remember, hair loss does not happen quickly, and restoring weak, brittle hair follicles back to health will take time.

(Some who prefer to not sleep with it in, apply it to their scalp a few hours in the evening instead. The idea is to allow time for the oils to penetrate the follicles, so a few hours is needed).

Do not be surprised if the weak hair falls away after you begin treatment. This is a normal and necessary step in the hair growth phase, only this time the roots are nourished and have the best opportunity to produce healthy, strong growth in its place.

To nourish your roots during the day, while you work, try HAIRMETTO™ Serum - a non-oily gel that permeates your roots with Stinging Nettle and Japanese Peppermint, in addition to Saw Palmetto oil. Its designed to complement the Oil for full coverage in your best efforts to block DHT and nourish your roots for healthy growth.