Saw Palmetto - Not all are created equal


HAIRMETTO®only sources the highest quality Saw Palmetto, which is CO2 extracted* and our other plant oils are Cold-pressed

Why does it matter? 
Extraction using heat or solvents strip the properties of the plant/berry, rendering it incapable of delivering the nutrient richness it's capable of. While you may find a product with the name of the oil, their extraction process will determine the effectiveness of the product, and thus the resulting benefit to you. 

*Supercritical CO2 Green Technology retains natural properties, high efficiency and selectivity, natural sterilization and elimination of heavy metals and pesticides while offering no pollutants to the environment. 

HAIRMETTO® has been approached with multiple opportunities to purchase saw palmetto from various overseas countries. While these are available at a fraction of the cost, the samples that arrive lack any of the characteristics of properly produced saw palmetto, while still presenting us with papers of 'legitimacy'. We source our product only from Florida, USA, crops that are grown organically in the wild. 

We will not sacrifice the quality of our product to save money. Consumers should also be aware of the many counterfeit saw palmetto oils on the market and ensure their product is not only properly extracted, but also is genuine saw palmetto. If the cost is low, it could likely be counterfeit. 

Here's a study on the effectiveness of topical saw palmetto: Treatment of male androgenetic alopecia with topical products containing Serenoa repens extract. - PubMed - NCBI