What can we learn from our ancestors when it comes to hair growth

It is said that ‘Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off’.

When we see the pictures of our ancestors, we realize that not too many of them had grey or bald hairs. Whether it is Alaska natives, American Indians or Sikh community of Asia, they all had indigenous and long hairs. Primary reason for lustrous and strong hair was the adoption of natural hair care practices.

Long hair signifies mother earth whose hair is long grasses. Natural plants and herbs provided the luster before chemical rich products came into existence and became part of hair care. Our ancestors took pride in their hair and adopted the practices that were natural - by optimal usage of herbs, seed oils and plant roots.

Due to modern lifestyle and changes in dietary habits, modern generation experience increased hair loss which leads to lack of self confidence and frustration. However, hair loss is reversible provided we understand what caused it. For example, excessive levels of DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) in men is one of the most common reasons for the hair fall as they grow older. DHT is an androgen - a sex hormone that contributes to male attributes including hair growth. High levels of androgen including DHT shrinks hair follicles causing hair to fall out faster and sometimes grow thinner.

There are various herbs, roots and oils which are found to be useful in maintaining the ‘crown’ by avoiding follicles shrinking caused by DHT. And our ancestors used them for keeping hairs healthy and strong. Saw Palmetto, a herb indigenous to the Native lands is one among them. It carries various medicinal values and helps your hair to remain healthy and beautiful.

Saw Palmetto (a tropical palm found in North America) extracts DHT and helps control hair loss.  Use of Saw Palmetto oil can increase the growth cycle of hair follicle development - which is typically 2- 6 years while high levels of DHT can shorten this cycle.

Rosemary, Aloe Vera, pumpkin seed extract and Ginger root also carry medicinal values and our ancestors applied their knowledge of herbs to ensure careful maintenance of their hairs. Rosemary is known worldwide for its unique characteristics to improve blood circulation in the scalp, pumpkin seeds contain the compound that lowers the level of DHT and works wonderfully with Saw Palmetto to increase the efficacy.

Together - these herbs and oils ensured our ancestors had lustrous locks. After all, ancient hair remedies evolved from the deep connection with nature that our ancestors had in ample.

And knowledge gained from our ancestors helped HAIRMETTO introduce HAIRMETTO Saw Palmetto Oil that comes without undesirable side effects of chemicals. Completely chemical free, HAIRMETTO succeeded in avoiding effects that come with long term usage of chemical solutions to regrow your hairs.

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