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Topical saw palmetto for hair loss. Powered by nature’s DHT blockers to prevent and treat thinning hair

Proven Results Without Chemicals

HAIRMETTO’s scalp treatments for hair loss nourishes the root cause of hair loss that no synthetic can match

Hair Growth,

Backed by Science

We are committed to supporting you on your quest for scientifically proven scalp treatments for hair growth

Hair loss can happen to anyone

Regrow stronger, thicker hair when using our hair loss treatment products.

Many factors cause hair loss: Chemicals, hormone mimickers, stress, environment, Covid-19, chronic illness and genetics.

HAIRMETTO® provides healthy scalp treatments for hair growth that no drug can match.

Treat Thinning Hair

Are you experiencing hair thinning or pattern baldness? Well, not to worry...

Your roots can now be nourished by topical organic nutrients, which encourage new growth.

HAIRMETTO® treats up to 14 causes of modern hair loss in men and women using the most powerful botanicals.

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Improve Scalp Health

Are you in search of naturally healthier, fuller, & stronger hair? You’re in the right place!

Without any drug-related side effects, HAIRMETTO® supports the hair follicle by blocking DHT using the topical DHT blocker and feeds the roots.

Each ingredient was selected for its unique repair, protection, and restoration capacity.

Users have already begun to see the effects of a healthier scalp after just one month.

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Prevent Hair Loss

Starting now is the key.

DHT-choked roots that have been starved of nutrients for several months may begin to fall away slowly until, one day, you suddenly start noticing it.

Our hair loss treatment products enable a continual defence against DHT buildup, and anti-inflammatory soothing scalp protection

The scalp treatment for hair loss also enhances blood circulation to the follicles and nutrient antioxidant support to ensure a healthy scalp and a fuller head of hair.

Your roots need to be fed.

Taking care of your roots is crucial for healthy hair growth.

Feed them - and they will thrive.

Starve them, and they will die.

To achieve healthy hair, you need:

  • Follicles that are clear of DHT, a bi-product created from the conversion of testosterone
  • Roots nourished by natural ingredients that promote healthy growth
  • A healthy scalp environment to grow new hair and prevent hair loss

Give your roots the attention they deserve and they will reward you with healthy, thick hair.


Those who use our scalp treatment for hair growth products have expressed satisfaction because it works well, it's safe and it doesn't negatively impact hormones.

Assured Quality

To ensure your hair gets the best treatment possible, our hair loss treatment products are produced:

  • In a facility approved by Health Canada
  • Carefully in small batches
  • Using the most recent scientific findings
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Ingredients Matter

HAIRMETTO's hair loss treatment products are all 100% natural. The ingredients we select...

  • Protect and repair hair follicles
  • Are organic wherever possible
  • Are of the highest quality extraction to retain medicinal value
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Backed By Science

Scientific studies show that natural plant-based scalp treatment for hair growth works to stop hair loss. HAIRMETTO® follows the science. We’re committed to supporting your new hair growth journey.

Read the science here.

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Your happiness is guaranteed.

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Our Story

It all began with a personal need - a desire to create hair loss treatment products that could deliver real results without compromising health. And so, in 2014, we set out on a mission to build a strong and supportive community for those impacted by hair loss.

Since then, we've been able to help people all over the world on their hair journey, providing effective solutions that work.

Whether you're looking to grow back lost hair or maintain healthy hair, we are here to support you. Join our community today and experience the transformative power of our products for yourself!