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"I'm finishing up my second bottle of this oil blend. I have noticed a decrease in hair loss after one week of using this product. I ran into this product online and I'm glad I found it. I tried Rogaine before and with my luck, I suffered all of the rare side effects it listed. I had horrible under eye circles, experienced nausea and dizziness. I had to give it up. I read online that saw palmetto oil was good at combating DHT so I made a decision to buy this product among all the other saw palmetto oil blends I've seen on Amazon. I chose this one because of the reviews and the bottle looked legit lol. It's pricey but it's worth it. It's natural and it works (at least for me - everyone is different). I also want to advise you all buying this product, that you should use this product on a NIGHTLY basis. I went some days without using it because I got too lazy and confident with the results but I started shedding a lot of hair afterwards. Consistency and patience is key. If you're gonna use this, use it every single night. Don't get lazy or comfortable like me because you're going to have to start the whole process all over again. I purchased a handheld scalp massager to help stimulate the blood circulation while having the oils in my head. I'm not sure if that helps but at this point, I'm wiling to do anything to keep the hair I have. I also take biotin and two capsules of saw palmetto, orally. That's my regimen to reduce my hair loss. I'm a 28 year old male BTW. Hope this stuff works for you as it has worked for me!"

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“This product includes ingredients that are supported by peer reviewed research in their ability to block DHT. It also includes nutrients that support hair follicle health, and herbs that have been shown to decrease scalp inflammation. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals with very scary side effects. After using HAIRMETTO® for one month, I have noticed decreased fallout and I am beginning to see little hairs growing in thin spots, which is consistent with something that blocks DHT. The slight natural scent from the rosemary oil is quite pleasant. I will continue to purchase HAIRMETTO® ."

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"UPDATE: If you can gradually move up from a 0.5mm dermaroller to 1.5mm roller, it goes deeper to the base of the follicular. Roll once a week or every 10 days. I add a about10 drops of the Hairmetto oil along with half a gel capsule of additional pumpkin seed oil (500mg of 1000mg) and massage in. I do this twice a day. I stopped the other oils (I was also using) and only use Hairmetto, addition pumpkin seed oil, minoxidil and propecia (watch out guys for the side effects of propecia and minoxidil) but you could try it without these. The Hairmetto serum has ingredients to bring blood circulation. Wash scalp with a mild shampoo in the mornings.
If you are new to dermarolling, you have to wash your scalp well before you roll; watch YouTube videos. Keep scalp very clean and not sweaty the first day to prevent infections. After, run the roller under hot water for a minute then dip in isopropyl alcohol and store it. Before my next roll, I use a soft bristled brush to lightly remove dead skin. Then wash scalp and roll."

Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

"I have Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. This is not a wonder product. Hairmetto is far better than any steroid lotion from the doctor which leaves your scalp red and sore.
I have had hairloss for about 2 years and eyebrows lost for about 4 years. I have been using Hairmetto for about 9 months.Hairmetto has slowed the hair loss considerably, which I think is as much as I can ask for. It is very soothing as sometimes my scalp can be really itchy. I use in the evenings as soon as I don't have to go out again, then wash in the morning. Maybe people with really short hair could get away with being seen in public with it on! I wouldn't be without Hairmetto, at least I feel it's doing something, even if it not a miracle cure.I wish I had discovered it as soon as I started losing my hair."

Verified Amazon Purchase, UK

“I have now bought this product for the second time now because both my family AND my dermatologist are seeing hair growth on my scalp! I love how natural this product is and the fact that despite how tiny the bottle is, it actually lasted the 90 days it claimed it would. I'm sticking with this as part of my treatment plan that includes other things like change in diet and hair care, and it's safe to say that it's all working!”

Brooklyn, United States

“ Excellent results. Amazed. Not only seeing hair growth in the thinning areas but my hair looks and feels healthy and soft. Constantly telling friends to feel my hair !!”

Huntington Beach, USA

“My hair loss problem started at a young age so it has been more than 20 years that I experimented with all kinds of methods for hair regrowth. Ultimately I prefer natural products like saw palmetto, oral as well as topical (HAIRMETTO® )... I still have almost all my hair which can't be said for most men my age (44).

I know that products such as Finasteride (Proscar) can make hair grow back faster but the side effects are severe. I saw it with a friend who has been using it for years. I had known that topical saw palmetto was a good hair growth addition for more than 15 years but I never found a manufacturer who made this kind of product. You are the first.

I really do hope your product will become a huge success. You deserve it.”

Oostende, Belgium