HAIRMETTO™ Topical Oil - Prevent Hair Loss, Restore Hair Growth

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HAIRMETTO™ Topical Oil is a powerful deep penetrating combination of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, Castor Oil and essential oils. Applied directly to your roots, the ingredients provide dual-action to block DHT and prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Apply at bedtime for overnight absorption. Studies show that these botanical ingredients work as well as pharmaceuticals but without drug-related side effects!

Our customers have loved this product since 2014. Use it every night for best results. Since it is comprised of only oils (no alcohol or water), it will need to be washed out.

If washing your hair every morning is not suitable for your lifestyle, consider using it in conjunction with HAIRMETTO™ Topical Serum for non-oily daytime protection and nourishment of your follicles. Use the Oil a couple of times per week at night, and use the Serum on the other days. 

Daily application of one bottle will last up to 3 months. If usage is reduced to twice per week, one bottle will last up to 6 months. 

What's the difference between the OIL and the SERUM?


Parting your hair, apply a few drops of the oil onto different areas of the front and top of your scalp. By tipping the bottle upside down, the applicator tip will guide the oil to exactly where you need it. Close the applicator tip upon completion. 

Gently massage in to distribute and leave on overnight. The oil may be used during the day if the oily consistency works for you. For best results, use a Dermaroller on the scalp once per week along with application of the oil. This enables the best penetration of the oil. (Please note: the dermaroller should only be used once per week.)

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