Health & Scalp Care Tips

  • 10 Surprising Reasons Your Hair Is Falling Out

    Thick, lustrous hair is often depicted as a symbol of beauty, femininity, sensuality, and youth. That said, to see clumps of your hair falling out can be incredibly distressing.

    However, before you freak out, know that a bit of daily hair loss is not a cause for concern. It's natural to lose 50 to 100 (and sometimes even up to 150) strands of hair each day. Hair loss and excessive shedding, on the other hand, can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from drugs and hormones to vitamin deficiencies and stress.

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    If bad hair days are a normal occurrence to you and you’ve done everything you can to address it, then maybe it’s time to get to the root of the problem. Take a good, long look at the ingredients list of your shampoo. If sulfate is high on the list, consider making a switch to products that don’t contain any of it.
  • Main Causes of Hair Loss and its Remedies

    Herbs and oils that have anti-inflammatory properties can minimize the damage due to the presence of surfactants. Cedarwood oil is one among such oils. It regularizes skin sebum production.
  • Does Sugar Affect Hair Loss?

    There are many factors that contribute to hair loss. Even if you’re genetically predisposed, you can ward off early hair loss. You may have heard o...
  • Understanding Hair Loss & Growth

    THIS IS YOUR HAIR One may not think of the scalp as an organ, but that is exactly what it is—and a complex one at that. The scalp contains betwee...
  • Why am I Shedding?

    Shedding can be very unsettling when you've started a topical treatment for hair regrowth. But it is actually a good sign that your follicles are r...
  • Your Top 3 Scalp-Care-Needs Right Now

    Is it your scalp or is it your follicles? BOTH need care. If your scalp has an infection or a condition of chronic inflammation, then your follicle...
  • Will my hair still fall out after my hair transplant?

    So the BIG QUESTION no one seems to know the answer to is: WHY do men only lose hair on the top of their head, and not the sides or back? There ar...
  • Amino Acids & OMEGA 3's for Hair Growth

    Learn why Chia Seeds are the superfood for your hair
  • Here are 10 easy tips to grow your hair thicker and healthier

    1. Combine optimum diet and hair growth Eat foods that are rich in B vitamins, proteins, and iron. Foods like strawberries, avocados, bananas, a...
  • Will saw palmetto affect my libido?

    Research shows that saw palmetto will enhance your sex drive. Saw Palmetto is widely accepted and used across the US and UK for treatment of an enl...