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Welcome to HAIRMETTO®

We offer you products rich in natural ingredients with a unique blend of topical DHT blockers.


Regrow stronger, thicker hair when using our hair loss treatment products.

Many factors cause hair loss: Chemicals, hormone mimickers, stress, environment, Covid-19, chronic illness and genetics.

HAIRMETTO® provides a healthy scalp treatment for hair growth that no drug can match.

Are you experiencing hair thinning or pattern baldness?
Well, Don’t worry!
Your roots can now be nourished by topical organic nutrients, which encourage new growth.
HAIRMETTO® treats up to 14 causes of modern hair loss in men and women using the most powerful botanicals.


Those who use our scalp treatment for hair growth products have expressed satisfaction because it works well, it's safe and it doesn't negatively impact hormones. Tap the circles below to see for yourself.


To ensure your hair gets the best treatment possible, our hair loss treatment products are produced:

  • In a facility approved by Health Canada
  • Carefully in small batches
  • Using the most recent scientific findings


The components used to create HAIRMETTO's hair loss treatment products are all 100% natural. No product contains any artificial ingredients, hazardous substances, or alcohol. We use ingredients:

  • To protect and repair hair follicles
  • That are organic
  • Of highest quality extraction

Backed By

Scientific studies show that natural plant-based scalp treatment for hair growth works to stop hair loss. HAIRMETTO follows the science. We’re committed to supporting your new hair growth journey through current research.

Read the science behind natural treatments HERE.



Huntington Beach, USA

“ Excellent results. Amazed. Not only seeing hair growth in the thinning areas but my hair looks and feels healthy and soft. Constantly telling friends to feel my hair !!”


Brooklyn, USA

“I have now bought this product for the second time now because both my family AND my dermatologist are seeing hair growth on my scalp! I love how natural this product is and the fact that despite how tiny the bottle is, it actually lasted the 90 days it claimed it would. I'm sticking with this as part of my treatment plan that includes other things like change in diet and hair care, and it's safe to say that it's all working!”


Verified Amazon Purchase

“ Nothing is gonna work magic, but this product is well thought out in regards to the ingredients in it. It's a mix of things that have natural properties to do certain things. I felt like a little went a long way with it, I'll buy some more.”


Edmonton, CA

“I love it, my hair is starting to come back and fuller. I already told my co-worker about it. What a wonderful product!”


Ra'anana, Isreal

“It's been around a month since I started to use this product (3x a week) and I’m seeing results already: No shedding, hair is longer and more dense on the forehead area, gray hair is less noticeable, no dry scalp/dandruff, hair feels a little bit thicker.”


Victoria, CA

“I have tried many products for thinning hair and I have to say this is the only one that has had any results. My hair has stopped falling out, new hairs have started to appear, and my hair is gradually getting thicker. The fact that HAIRMETTO® is all-natural is great, it has been very gentle on my skin and smells good too. It's so easy to use, and with these exciting results I will definitely continue to use this product.”


Verified Amazon Purchase

“I purchased this for my husband who has significant hair loss in his early 30s. He began using this in August and I noticed a difference in October. He does not have a full head of hair, but the improvement is significant for just 3 months. He also had sun damage on his head and forehead and the skin there has improved in texture and is no longer uncomfortable for him. We are extremely happy with this product."


Verified Amazon Purchase

“I am a 29 years old guy with receding hairline but this product really helps me in a great way. I am seeing a great change in my hair and my hair and hairline have regrowth. So it’s a real miracle for me. I am in love with hairmetto® now"


Georgia, USA

"This product works for me. It requires patience and diligence, but I feel my hair has stopped receding. My wife told me she’s noticed little baby hairs growing where they weren’t before. I like it because it’s a safe product that doesn’t impact testosterone production. I recommend the consideration of using this oil before opting for prescription meds (which affect testosterone production)."