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We’re HAIRMETTO – a family-run company that specializes in natural, topical scalp treatments. After a family experience with hair loss, and not being able to source an effective product without chemicals, we set out to create a product that doesn't compromise health for results. Founded in 2014, we set on a mission to build a strong, loyal community to help those affected by hair loss. We have now supported people across the globe on their journey to healthy hair – one without the drug-related side effects that come with chemical alternatives.

Our Co-Founder Andrea personally oversees operations of HAIRMETTO. Andrea’s travels throughout many countries have reinforced to her the value of the natural world’s ability to heal and protect, to nurture and thrive.  

Our mission is to support individuals with high-quality botanicals as the future of scalp health. Our Health Canada facility produces our treatments in small batches. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, we are a company inspired by the values of the west coast. Quality goods, a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment. We take pride in ethically sourcing the purest ingredients.

Thank you for allowing us to help create your path to hair restoration.

Co Founder of HAIRMETTO and husband
Andrea from HAIRMETTO holding Night time serum to help hair regrowth

A Message From Andrea

Our family loves to travel. My husband and I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Central America in 2013. Immediately we noticed his previously thinning hair was now filled in! He was in his mid-30s and had been gradually losing his hair since he was 20. The well-known chemical and drug treatments had resulted in some regrowth, but the side effects were not worth it.

A few years before our visit, he had begun to research medicinal botanicals and their effect on hair loss. His curiosity about the effect of DHT in the scalp led to more research and studies. He learned that DHT affects the prostate. An effective botanical treatment was Saw Palmetto. He also learned that DHT shrinks the scalp follicles, which leads to hair fall. Only a few studies were available because saw palmetto is not a patented drug, and studies are expensive. However, he was surrounded by the saw palmetto palm plants in Belize! An idea was born.

His own studies included Castor Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and essential oils based on research done by the University of Edinburg. He's not a scientist, but as they say, 'necessity is the mother of invention'. He educated himself and absorbed other scientific studies. The treatment was formulated and tested on him for nearly a year.

We had seen the results for ourselves! A botanical formula that would prevent thinning hair and restore scalp health without drug-related side effects - this is too good not to share! And so HAIRMETTO was born.

From the small hand-made first batch in our home to production in a Health Canada-approved facility in North Vancouver, our passion and confidence in our product have not changed. We have expanded to 4 marketplaces on Amazon, along with our own worldwide fulfillment through our website. Our team continues to be hands-on at every level.

We are our own customers too! We source only the purest and best saw palmetto available. All ingredients come from North American suppliers. We are personally involved in the quality control of each batch. We are proud to share our product, and we want you to feel as safe as we do knowing you are getting the best and most natural scalp care we love to provide.

 -       Andrea.

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