Saw Palmetto - an effective DHT blocker

Saw Palmetto - an effective DHT blocker

SAW PALMETTO (Serenoa repens)

Saw Palmetto is a tropical palm-like small plant mostly found in North America. Extract derived from its berries is highly rich in fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are required for the proper function of every cell in the body, increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals and properly nourishing hair, skin and nails. They must be obtained through the diet as the body does not make them naturally.

Saw Palmetto has been widely accepted as a very effective herbal treatment to reduce hair loss and treat conditions like alopecia. It is scientifically proven that excessive levels of DHT is the root cause of hair loss in adult men. DHT causes hair loss by attaching to hair follicles and shortening their growth phase.

Over time, DHT causes hairs to become progressively weaker and finer until they simply stop growing altogether, becoming dormant.

According to studies, saw palmetto’s extracts work to inhibit DHT in the scalp thus helping control hair loss and reviving hair follicles. In this way, hair follicles are strengthened, the scalp is less sensitive to stress and irritation and the hair itself improves in body and shine.

External application of saw palmetto oil is easily absorbed by the skin. Hence massaging the scalp with the oil and leaving it on for at least an hour (or overnight) aids in the best results due to better absorption. While internally ingesting saw palmetto in the form of capsules is beneficial for your health in a systemic manner, topical application delivers the nutrients directly to the roots, allowing saturation exactly where needed. 

HAIRMETTO® Topical Oil use only CO2 Extracted saw palmetto extract with guaranteed 85-95% fatty acids. Anything less will not deliver the results. Here's Why: Saw Palmetto - Not all are created equal

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