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The DUO- night and day is the way

I never though I'd found another good hair treatment product based on natural ingredients. A lot of scam out there and for an average person, it's hard to find a product that is real and it does what it said on the bottle. At mid age I've noticed my hair receding, and it was time to do something about it. At the time everyone was talking about Minoxidil and other medical product on the market. I found that natural ingredients is the way to go without any side effects. After 15 years of using the product and keeping all my hair full, I figured it's time to change the product to use for the next 15 years.
After search, I accidentally stumbled on HAIRMETTO hair treatment that got my attention. After reading a lot about it, I decided to order a duo (night oil and serum at daytime). It's been approx. 3 weeks since I started to use this duo. Honestly to say, I was a bit skeptical using the oil at night...thinking of greasy pillow marks, etc. I was surprised how easy it is to apply and after few minutes the oil is absorbed into the scalp and hair, and it smells good. No need to worry about the mess. Wash it in the morning and then apply the serum. I like the tingling sensation of this product. It does smell good, too.
I found that everything of natural stuff it takes time to see the results. Trust me, 15 years of using a natural product, and it works. The persistence is the key and it pays off. If you use any product for short time and jump from one product to another is waste of time and money. Stick to one good product and it will work.
I believe this the product. Thanks HAIRMETTO!!

Tom, thank you so much for your review. Indeed, natural products without side effects are the way to go, and consistency makes all the difference. We're here to support you along the way.

I never thought I'd be using anything on my face, any creams or oils, etc. While ordering the Hairmetto hair treatment product (oil and serum), I thought I'd give it a try and got myself a bottle of Face for Him oil. I really like this product! It smells good and my face skin feels smooth. I apply a lot, but then after few minutes it absorbs into the skin and it's hardly noticeable. It feels great after shaving. It looks like I'm hooked on this oil. I'll be ordering another bottle. Thanks for great product!

We set out to make an all-in-one anti-aging/beard oil for men that was easy to incorporate into their routine, and we're so happy you're finding it to be that way! The vegan combination of oils are highly moisturizing and hydrating - and we're so glad you like the scent!

Just ordered

I ordered it yesterday on amazon. Recently got to know that is the dht that is making my hairs leave the scalp. Looking forward for the results. Obviously i need to be consistent for this with microneedling . Also, if anyone is reading this in case let me know what other products i can include in my lifestyle to nake dht go away. I have massive hairfall from last 3 + years and i am 23.Thankyou

Mehak, thank you very much for your feedback. You're wise to start early - giving yourself the best chance to block DHT to prevent further hair loss. Good for you in all the research you've done! Stay consistent! We wish you every success going forward, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thicker and healthier overall

I have been using Hairmeto for several years now, but more thoroughly for the last year and a half. Originally I was just using the topical oil and I didn’t see much difference. But then I started to use the full line of products including the derma roller. What I have come to realize is that you have to use the full treatment for the best results. While my reseading hair in the front of my head has not completely returned I do see and feel that my hear is thicker all over and it feels much healthier overall.

Bottom line use the full line of products for the best results. And be consistent in your routine of using the products.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your experience. We're really happy that you've seen results using the Dermaroller and the daytime Serum as well. And excellent advice on staying consistent! Well done!

Underrated product

Hi, I've known Ecklonia Cava to be good for ones hair as I used to take it orally in capsule form. However, it was expensive and I stopped using it. I bought this to give it a try as I wanted to add it to my daily topical stack. It took 6 or so weeks, but I'm noticing a vast improvement in reduction in hair fall; maybe 15 to 20 hairs compared to 2 or 3 now. I've read on the box that 8 to 10 drops was enough. I'm going to buy 2 bottles now.

Great product.

Thank you for giving our topical Ecklonia Cava a try! So happy you're pleased with it :) While oral supplements are helpful, our Ecklonia Cava is extracted using a procedure that unlocks the polyphenols responsible for hair growth. EC is a very exciting plant as it contains enzymes with the same actions as minoxidil and finasteride in one natural source - without disrupting hormones. Good for you for staying consistent, and thank you for your feedback!

Great Product for Nighttime Use

I use this about 3-4x per week, at night. I will also add 1-2 drops of topical melatonin to it, which has helped w/ results. I use this on top of the other topical for daytime use. Highly recommended, as with all of their products. Hairmetto daily, topical melatonin, Sent from Earth Ketoconozole shampoo + oral saw palmetto (2x daily 160mg) and LLLt (use iregrow) will grow a good deal of your hair back, no matter the root cause (I suffer from TE + AA and this protocol has helped with both).

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the overnight topical Oil. Your comprehensive hair care routine, which includes HAIRMETTO, is an excellent approach for those dealing with hair concerns like TE and AA. We appreciate your recommendation and are pleased to have played a role in your journey to healthier hair.

Awesome Product that Actually Works

I love all of Hairmetto's products since first being introduced to them by Rob English (medical researcher + founder of Perfect Hair Health). This one is my favorite, as it doesn't affect how the hair looks at all, so its great for daytime use. Its definitely best to apply every day if you can and supplement with saw palmetto orally (ideally 2 x 160mg daily). This will help maximize results. This has helped a lot to reverse loss from stress, as well as hereditary hair loss (AA). If you don't want to alter hormones but want to preserve the hair you have and grow some back, this product is it.

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and support and are thrilled to hear about the benefits you've received from using our daytime serum. Your tip on daily application and oral saw palmetto supplementation is incredibly helpful for maximizing results, and we're sure it will also benefit others. Thank you!

I started losing my hair due to what I believe is age related. My hair started falling out and after every shower I would comb my hair and a handful of hair would come out. I started using Hairmetto Topical oil and serum. About 3 weeks later my hair stopped falling out. I’ve been using it for 6 months now. I hardly lose any hair anymore. My hair looks and feels healthy. I love that it’s non-toxic. I’m so glad I found Hairmetto!!

Thank you for your review! We're so happy that HAIRMETTO has been instrumental in stopping further hair loss. Well done for staying consistent; your reward is healthy hair!

It's helping for sure

It's only been about a month. I'm already seeing improvement in areas that are thinning, and even in areas that had no hair growth for a few years. A little goes a long way. So far it's well worth the price tag. This in combo with an oral saw palmetto supplement have helped control some more recent hair loss. It makes sense because it acts the same way the active ingredient in propecia does just without the adverse side effects which are many.

Thank you for your review! Supplementing with vitamins and minerals is a good idea and part of the holistic approach to a healthy scalp.

Recommending it

Wow hairmetto is a fabulous product! I can't thank you enough. Its simply amazon and works so well. I've been recommending and its been selling more now at the shop. I even have associates at work recommending it on my behalf because they've seen actual results.

We're so glad you love our newest product, Ecklonia Cava Styling Gel. And awesome that your co-workers are seeing your results!

Feels great

I certainly prefer this one to the oil based product. Feels really good & fresh on the scalp & doesn't effect your hairs look compared with the more oily counterpart. My head certainly feels healthier & have retained some hair since using (over the past several months now). But can't be sure if that's placebo or also down to microneedling & head massages which I also do. Will be keeping this in at least once a day application for now though.

Stops the shedding, hairdresser complimented me

I used this product religiously on my head for several months in combination with a couple other products. I would apply Hairmetto at night, and one of the other products in the morning along with once weekly dermarolling. This product is too thick and greasy to wear in the morning.
After 6 months of growing my hair out, I got my hair cut and my hairdresser complimented my hair, mentioning how I had no split ends or thinning. Overall, I do think this product is effective in slowing hairloss (thanks to Saw Palmetto) and improving the health of your hair, but you will need to combine it with another product + dermarolling to increase bloodflow to the area and maximize results.
I will likely buy this product again in the future, as I've read all the research behind the ingredients so I know it's effective (at least as a natural hair loss prevention solution).


I have never used a product for the face consistently before, and am getting such good results with the FACE for Her oil that I want to use it every day because it works for me. My facial skin is so soft, and the dry spots on my forehead disappear when I put it on. Also, my sweetie and I both really like the smell of it.


At first I was sceptical as with every hair loss product out there saying it does miracle wonders. I started losing and thinning hair from the age of 25 and I started using this product since start of June 2019 and I'm 31 now. If only I knew about this product then, might have helped reduce the hair loss. I have been using this product on a daily basis for just over 45 days now and I have to say the quality and thickness of my hair has improved slightly and my wife has also stated this as well.


5 Stars. Smells amazing. My skin feels so soft. I’ll definitely switch.


I've been on this product for only a month & I'm in disbelief at its positive effectiveness. I've used countless natural products in their pure form during my journey and nothing comes close to Hairmetto® . As a last desperate move I tried minoxidil 4 months ago & it worked well, but the rare side effects hit me, dizziness, tiredness, mind fog, etc.! I had bought Hairmetto® & stored it away as a backup after I discovered it during minoxidil use. 1 week after quitting minoxidil my hair shed crazy and thinned out fast. I waited 2 weeks & started Hairmetto® & within 7 days I noticed a difference in thickness. Fast forward today, I cannot believe how thick my hair has gotten on the crown, & growing, the results are coming in just as it was with minoxidil, but with zero side effects! WOW... I don't know if it's the extraction method Hairmetto® uses that makes it so effective, I've tried some of the ingredients listed in Hairmetto® in the past to nowhere near this result. As for me the product is working, I can't say everyone will experience the same. I also always massage my scalp as a routine. Thank you


- You can feel the product working on the scalp.
- Doesn't cause damage to follicles (As other products have done, due to being too strong).
- I saw positive hair regrowth and thickening after 3 months of use.
- Perfect blend of ingredients (I planned on buying each ingredient, but lucky came across this).
- Hair can be styled after application
- Doesn't smell after applying and drying.
- Easy to apply straight from the bottle

The only complaint for me is the price, but it works so well that some might say it's worth it.
I would definitely recommend, if you're serious about restoring hair loss and have the cash.


Wanted to let you know that I’m loving the Ecklonia Cava as hair’s amazing. Once it dries and is blended, my hair feels and looks really natural, and it keeps its shape. I can wear a cap for an hour and easily fix it afterwards. After 24 hours of travelling my hair was still in good shape - if I’d used regular gel it would have been greasy and messy, and if I’d had no gel it would be flat and awful, yet it looked just as good as when I put it in! So I’m really impressed.


I am honestly amazed that the FACE oil doesn’t burn my skin because I have very sensitive skin. I have used it twice now and I feel like I do notice a difference in my skin. I didn’t look nearly as tired this morning and my skin tone looked quite a bit more even than usual. It also makes a great healer of chapped lips 🙂 I put it on my lips which have been chapped for days and your oil fixed me right up immediately.


I have been using the face oil for women for several months and it has become an important part of my daily routine… my skin has started to look healthier and has minimized my wrinkles, yah!!! I’m so glad I was introduced to this product. I have started using oils in my daily life and this one is a “must”. I will definitely let others know about this great natural product!


I am a 29 years old guy with receding hairline but this product really helps me in a great way. I am seeing a great change in my hair and my hair and hairline have regrowth. So it’s a real miracle for me. I am in love with hairmetto® now


Been using this product for months now... might be on my 3rd or 4th bottle, I lost count.

I leave it on come night time and wash it in the morning... I noticed I barely shed any hair lately... and I used to shed hair insanely during the day.. maybe 200 hairs plus.

Highly recommended.


My wife has been using this product for about 6 weeks now and just loves it! She puts it on after showering in the morning and again before bedtime. She really likes the subtle scent. Her face isn’t dry anymore and she says it smoother too. She likes it and will be re-ordering. Thanks so much!


My hair loss problem started at a young age so it has been more than 20 years that I experimented with all kinds of methods for hair regrowth. Ultimately I prefer natural products like saw palmetto, oral as well as topical (HAIRMETTO® )... I still have almost all my hair which can't be said for most men my age (44).

I know that products such as Finasteride (Proscar) can make hair grow back faster but the side effects are severe. I saw it with a friend who has been using it for years. I had known that topical saw palmetto was a good hair growth addition for more than 15 years but I never found a manufacturer who made this kind of product. You are the first.

I really do hope your product will become a huge success. You deserve it.


UPDATE: If you can gradually move up from a 0.5mm dermaroller to 1.5mm roller, it goes deeper to the base of the follicular. Roll once a week or every 10 days. I add a about10 drops of the Hairmetto oil along with half a gel capsule of additional pumpkin seed oil (500mg of 1000mg) and massage in. I do this twice a day. I stopped the other oils (I was also using) and only use Hairmetto, addition pumpkin seed oil, minoxidil and propecia (watch out guys for the side effects of propecia and minoxidil) but you could try it without these. The Hairmetto serum has ingredients to bring blood circulation. Wash scalp with a mild shampoo in the mornings.
If you are new to dermarolling, you have to wash your scalp well before you roll; watch YouTube videos. Keep scalp very clean and not sweaty the first day to prevent infections. After, run the roller under hot water for a minute then dip in isopropyl alcohol and store it. Before my next roll, I use a soft bristled brush to lightly remove dead skin. Then wash scalp and roll.