"I'm finishing up my second bottle of this oil blend. I have noticed a decrease in hair loss after one week of using this product. I ran into this product online and I'm glad I found it. I tried Rogaine before and with my luck, I suffered all of the rare side effects it listed. I had horrible under eye circles, experienced nausea and dizziness. I had to give it up. I read online that saw palmetto oil was good at combating DHT so I made a decision to buy this product among all the other saw palmetto oil blends I've seen on Amazon. I chose this one because of the reviews and the bottle looked legit lol. It's pricey but it's worth it. It's natural and it works (at least for me - everyone is different). I also want to advise you all buying this product, that you should use this product on a NIGHTLY basis. I went some days without using it because I got too lazy and confident with the results but I started shedding a lot of hair afterwards. Consistency and patience is key. If you're gonna use this, use it every single night. Don't get lazy or comfortable like me because you're going to have to start the whole process all over again. I purchased a handheld scalp massager to help stimulate the blood circulation while having the oils in my head. I'm not sure if that helps but at this point, I'm wiling to do anything to keep the hair I have. I also take biotin and two capsules of saw palmetto, orally. That's my regimen to reduce my hair loss. I'm a 28 year old male BTW. Hope this stuff works for you as it has worked for me!"

Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

“This product includes ingredients that are supported by peer reviewed research in their ability to block DHT. It also includes nutrients that support hair follicle health, and herbs that have been shown to decrease scalp inflammation. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals with very scary side effects. After using HAIRMETTO® for one month, I have noticed decreased fallout and I am beginning to see little hairs growing in thin spots, which is consistent with something that blocks DHT. The slight natural scent from the rosemary oil is quite pleasant. I will continue to purchase HAIRMETTO® ."

ERIK Verified Amazon Purchase

"UPDATE: If you can gradually move up from a 0.5mm dermaroller to 1.5mm roller, it goes deeper to the base of the follicular. Roll once a week or every 10 days. I add a about10 drops of the Hairmetto oil along with half a gel capsule of additional pumpkin seed oil (500mg of 1000mg) and massage in. I do this twice a day. I stopped the other oils (I was also using) and only use Hairmetto, addition pumpkin seed oil, minoxidil and propecia (watch out guys for the side effects of propecia and minoxidil) but you could try it without these. The Hairmetto serum has ingredients to bring blood circulation. Wash scalp with a mild shampoo in the mornings.
If you are new to dermarolling, you have to wash your scalp well before you roll; watch YouTube videos. Keep scalp very clean and not sweaty the first day to prevent infections. After, run the roller under hot water for a minute then dip in isopropyl alcohol and store it. Before my next roll, I use a soft bristled brush to lightly remove dead skin. Then wash scalp and roll."

RICHARD Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

"I have Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. This is not a wonder product. Hairmetto is far better than any steroid lotion from the doctor which leaves your scalp red and sore.
I have had hairloss for about 2 years and eyebrows lost for about 4 years. I have been using Hairmetto for about 9 months.Hairmetto has slowed the hair loss considerably, which I think is as much as I can ask for. It is very soothing as sometimes my scalp can be really itchy. I use in the evenings as soon as I don't have to go out again, then wash in the morning. Maybe people with really short hair could get away with being seen in public with it on! I wouldn't be without Hairmetto, at least I feel it's doing something, even if it not a miracle cure. I wish I had discovered it as soon as I started losing my hair."

J.MCMILLAN Verified Amazon Purchase, UK

“I have now bought this product for the second time now because both my family AND my dermatologist are seeing hair growth on my scalp! I love how natural this product is and the fact that despite how tiny the bottle is, it actually lasted the 90 days it claimed it would. I'm sticking with this as part of my treatment plan that includes other things like change in diet and hair care, and it's safe to say that it's all working!”

R. O'KELLY Brooklyn, United States

“ Excellent results. Amazed. Not only seeing hair growth in the thinning areas but my hair looks and feels healthy and soft. Constantly telling friends to feel my hair !!”

BONNIE O. Huntington Beach, USA

“My hair loss problem started at a young age so it has been more than 20 years that I experimented with all kinds of methods for hair regrowth. Ultimately I prefer natural products like saw palmetto, oral as well as topical (HAIRMETTO® )... I still have almost all my hair which can't be said for most men my age (44).

I know that products such as Finasteride (Proscar) can make hair grow back faster but the side effects are severe. I saw it with a friend who has been using it for years. I had known that topical saw palmetto was a good hair growth addition for more than 15 years but I never found a manufacturer who made this kind of product. You are the first.

I really do hope your product will become a huge success. You deserve it.”

LAURRENT D. Oostende, Belgium

“I've been on this product for only a month & I'm in disbelief at its positive effectiveness. I've used countless natural products in their pure form during my journey and nothing comes close to Hairmetto® . As a last desperate move I tried minoxidil 4 months ago & it worked well, but the rare side effects hit me, dizziness, tiredness, mind fog, etc.! I had bought Hairmetto® & stored it away as a backup after I discovered it during minoxidil use. 1 week after quitting minoxidil my hair shed crazy and thinned out fast. I waited 2 weeks & started Hairmetto® & within 7 days I noticed a difference in thickness. Fast forward today, I cannot believe how thick my hair has gotten on the crown, & growing, the results are coming in just as it was with minoxidil, but with zero side effects! WOW... I don't know if it's the extraction method Hairmetto® uses that makes it so effective, I've tried some of the ingredients listed in Hairmetto® in the past to nowhere near this result. As for me the product is working, I can't say everyone will experience the same. I also always massage my scalp as a routine. Thank you"

C JULIEN. Verified Amazon Purchase

"Update: I have been using Hairmetto for over a year now and this product continues to amaze me with the results. I mentioned in my initial review that I had responded well to hairmetto and hoped that it would continue to work for me. I can safely say, one year onwards, my hair is thicker, softer and more healthy looking than ever. Considering the amount I blow dry, sometimes straighten and constantly style my hair, my hair still maintains a full, healthy look. I attribute this to Hairmetto because before I started using it, my hair was brittle and unhealthy and worst of all It was falling out quite rapidly. After my first hair transplant to fill in my hairline, I urgently had to start using something that would protect my exisiting hair around the crown and mid front of the scalp without the potential harsh side effects of drug treatments. Hairmetto has been the protection of existing hair I needed and is the central treatment I use for healthy hair maintenance. Hairmetto has stabilised my hair loss and even thickened up my crown and regrowth all over my scalp."

JAY Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

“It's been around a month since I started to use this product (3x a week) and I’m seeing results already: No shedding, hair is longer and more dense on the forehead area, gray hair is less noticeable, no dry scalp/dandruff, hair feels a little bit thicker.”

DANIEL V. Ra'anana, Israel

"Very nice alternative to Rogaine or minoxidil. It does not work over night, but with patience and consistency, over time, this product will make your hair grow back. There is a window of time where you can save your follicles. If your scalp isn’t shiny and hard, I would highly recommend this product. It’s worth the $60 a month for me honestly."

PHIL Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

“ Nothing is gonna work magic, but this product is well thought out in regards to the ingredients in it. It's a mix of things that have natural properties to do certain things. I felt like a little went a long way with it, I'll buy some more.”

GARY Verified Amazon Purchase

“I love it, my hair is starting to come back and fuller. I already told my co-worker about it. What a wonderful product!”

DINA M. Edmonton, Canada

"I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks (3 nights per week), and I’ve noticed about 1/2 an inch growth so far. It doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, and you do need to wash it out in the morning if you use it too liberally. But those are the only downsides."

RACHEL Verified Amazon Review, Canada

"The Serum tingles, scalp awakening follicles. I added this to my daily routine to fight hair loss, I can say I really feel more thickness in my grasp of hair returning, it is not instant but gradual."

KONTA Verified Amazon Purchase, USA

“I have tried many products for thinning hair and I have to say this is the only one that has had any results. My hair has stopped falling out, new hairs have started to appear, and my hair is gradually getting thicker. The fact that HAIRMETTO® is all-natural is great, it has been very gentle on my skin and smells good too. It's so easy to use, and with these exciting results I will definitely continue to use this product.”

JOEL Victoria, Canada

“I purchased this for my husband who has significant hair loss in his early 30s. He began using this in August and I noticed a difference in October. He does not have a full head of hair, but the improvement is significant for just 3 months. He also had sun damage on his head and forehead and the skin there has improved in texture and is no longer uncomfortable for him. We are extremely happy with this product."

LOVELY LITTLE BOOK BLOG Verified Amazon Purchase

"Been using this product for months now... might be on my 3rd or 4th bottle, I lost count.

I leave it on come night time and wash it in the morning... I noticed I barely shed any hair lately... and I used to shed hair insanely during the day.. maybe 200 hairs plus.

Highly recommended."

TAREK Verified Amazon Purchase, UK

"At first I was sceptical as with every hair loss product out there saying it does miracle wonders. I started losing and thinning hair from the age of 25 and I started using this product since start of June 2019 and I'm 31 now. If only I knew about this product then, might have helped reduce the hair loss. I have been using this product on a daily basis for just over 45 days now and I have to say the quality and thickness of my hair has improved slightly and my wife has also stated this as well."

Verified Amazon Purchase, UK

"Sa fonction très bien pour mon fils parce que étais en train de perdre son cheveux." (Translation: It worked great for my son because he was losing his hair.)

ROXANA Verified Amazon Purchase, Canada

"This product works for me. It requires patience and diligence, but I feel my hair has stopped receding. My wife told me she’s noticed little baby hairs growing where they weren’t before. I like it because it’s a safe product that doesn’t impact testosterone production. I recommend the consideration of using this oil before opting for prescription meds (which affect testosterone production)."

LANCE Georgia

“I am a 29 years old guy with receding hairline but this product really helps me in a great way. I am seeing a great change in my hair and my hair and hairline have regrowth. So it’s a real miracle for me. I am in love with hairmetto® now"

ALI Verified Amazon Purchase

"- You can feel the product working on the scalp.
- Doesn't cause damage to follicles (As other products have done, due to being too strong).
- I saw positive hair regrowth and thickening after 3 months of use.
- Perfect blend of ingredients (I planned on buying each ingredient, but lucky came across this).
- Hair can be styled after application
- Doesn't smell after applying and drying.
- Easy to apply straight from the bottle

The only complaint for me is the price, but it works so well that some might say it's worth it.
I would definitely recommend, if you're serious about restoring hair loss and have the cash."

DAVID Verified Amazon Purchase, UK

"I love the smell of this product. I’m so happy it’s Canadian! It’s a very stimulating and effective gel like product. The Rosemary and Japanese Peppermint is such a great combination. I struggle with traction alopecia and I consistently use this product every night and I see a difference. It fights against the hormones (DHT/testosterone) that prevents hair growth. It’s worth the money due to the ingredients. It does slightly tingle on the scalp because of the stinging nettle. It’s best to apply on the scalp when your hair is in parts. You’ll see results 4-6 weeks if you use it consistently. Keep it on for at least 8 hrs for a few days a week. Best used before bed! I used it Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights and I’m finally seeing regrowth!"

MEA Verified Amazon Purchase, Canada

“After only a little over one month of use, Hairmetto® has almost completely stopped my hair loss. The quality, thickness and density of my hair has doubled. I haven’t felt this confident in my appearance in years. For the past five years I have experienced aggressive androgenic Alopecia (runs in the family) which impacted my self esteem and confidence greatly. Hair after hair would come out when styling, washing or combing and I could notice the gradual thinning of my naturally thick head of hair that I so badly wanted to keep. I refused to take Finasteride and risk the potentially serious side effect of this drug. In desperation I turned to Minoxidil from which I experienced constant headaches, dizziness and little benefits for my hair with continued use. I also tried Trichogen and a range of other chemical based topical solutions with little to no effect. I even underwent a hair transplant this year to fill in my hairline, which I was extremely satisfied with but knew I would have to find a way to protect the rest of my hair from falling out in a side-effect free way. In a last ditch effort I ordered a bottle of Hairmetto® after stumbling across it online. With the abundance of ‘snake-oil’ and ‘natural’ hair loss scams out there, I was suspicious to begin with and wasn’t expecting much out of Hairmetto® but have been shocked and amazed with the results I have seen in such little time with NO side effects at all. Whether I am simply a great responder to this product, I don’t know, but I highly recommend this product to any other young men who are suffering from genetic hair loss who are looking for a side effect free solution. Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose. Fingers crossed that Hairmetto® continues to work this well for me! My self appearance and esteem is huge for me as a presenter and public speaker and Hairmetto® has played an integral part in restoring my self confidence. THANK YOU HAIRMETTO® "

JAY Verified Amazon Purchase