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HAIRMETTO® Hair Restoration KIT with Titanium Scalp Dermaroller for Hair Regrowth

Get your complete HAIRMETTO® KIT for 24/7 hair care protection against hair loss. It includes 2 Daytime Serums, 1 Overnight Oil, and a Dermaroller for hair loss that blocks DHT, protect against environmental stressors, promote hair growth, rejuvenate, and boost collagen production.
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Here's what others have said about our
HAIRMETTO® Hair Restoration Kit



"I have been using for several weeks and the result is showing already. My hair loss count drop from over 30 to 50 daily to around less than 10. This is great product to keep your current hair count. For the regrowth part, I need more time to experience. But I truly believe that the first step to regrow hair is to stop hair loss first."

Amazon Customer


After using it for about a month, I believe it is doing something. I'm seeing new short hairs sprouting up on my hairline that I know weren't there before.



Update: I'm not sure where my old post with my initial review of Hairmetto went, however you can see it in the paragraph below. I have been using hairmetto for over a year now and this product continues to amaze me with the results. I mentioned in my initial review that I had responded well to hairmetto and hoped that it would continue to work for me. I can safely say, one year onwards, my hair is thicker, softer and more healthy looking than ever. Considering the amount I blow dry, sometimes straighten and constantly style my hair, my hair still maintains a full, healthy look. I attribute this to Hairmetto because before I started using it, my hair was brittle and unhealthy and worst of all It was falling out quite rapidly."

Amazon Customer


I have noticed a decrease in hair loss after one week of using this product. I ran into this product online and I'm glad I found it. I tried Rogaine before and with my luck, I suffered all of the rare side effects it listed. I had horrible under eye circles, experienced nausea and dizziness. I had to give it up. I read online that saw palmetto oil was good at combating DHT so I made a decision to buy this product among all the other saw palmetto oil blends I've seen on Amazon. I chose this one because of the reviews.



I am a 24 year old man from Sweden.
First Picture is taken right Before I started with Hairmetto, in June 2020.

Second Picture is taken at the beginning of 2021. My hairline was visibly thinner, but it started to be a little wider.

Third image is taken in June 2022, My hairline is clearly better now.

Hairmetto has restored my hairline, I started with hairmetto right after I turned 22, and now when I am 24, I should have been more bald than I am today.



Nothing is gonna work magic, but this product is well thought out in regards to the ingredients in it. It's a mix of things that have natural properties to do certain things. I felt like a little went a long way.


Upgrade your hair care routine with this complete KIT - the perfect solution to nourish your hair roots and protect against hair loss. This set includes two Daytime Serum bottles, one Overnight Oil bottle, and a Dermaroller for hair regrowth, providing 24/7 hair care protection.

The Daytime Serum helps block DHT and shield your scalp against environmental stressors while promoting hair growth throughout the day. The Overnight Oil works while you sleep to lengthen the growth phase of the hair and stimulate follicles. The Dermaroller for hair loss helps the serum and oil absorb better, stimulates blood circulation, and boosts collagen production for fuller and healthier hair.

Invest in the complete HAIRMETTO® KIT for vibrant and healthy hair. Order now to combat hair loss effectively.

PRO TIP! If you wish to use the Oil 2-3 times per week, you will not need to use the Serum on those days. Also, using the Dermaroller more than once per week is not recommended.

Take a look at our list of natural ingredients.

Daily Routine:

- Apply the HAIRMETTO® serum (white bottle) every day to your hair roots and leave it on throughout the day. It is a water-based, alcohol-free formula that won't leave your hair feeling oily.
- Experience the refreshing and revitalizing effects of Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, and Peppermint essential oil as they stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. You may feel a slight tingling or cooling sensation, which will gradually dissipate.

Weekly Routine:

- Wash your hair and scalp with natural shampoo.
- After your hair dries, apply HAIRMETTO® oil (black bottle) to your scalp to coat it lightly.
- Sanitize your Dermaroller, a scalp roller for hair growth, by boiling it or wiping it with rubbing alcohol.
- Using light pressure, roll the Dermaroller over the areas of your scalp where hair loss occurs. Roll back to front, side to side, and diagonally, repeating each motion three to five times. Don't apply too much pressure or roll hard enough to draw blood, and avoid using the dermaroller hair loss on wounded areas. This micro needling for hair loss is effective for hair restoration.
- Finally, apply HAIRMETTO® oil to your scalp once more and leave it on for at least eight hours or overnight for the best results.

Transform your hair care routine with the rejuvenating and revitalizing effects of HAIRMETTO® serum and oil along with your Dermaroller for hair loss.

Want to protect your hair and keep DHT away? Meet the top products: HAIRMETTO® Topical Oil and HAIRMETTO® Topical Serum.

But what's the difference? Let's break it down:

1) HAIRMETTO® Oil has been our flagship product since 2014, and it's entirely oil-based. It deeply penetrates the roots overnight to prevent DHT from weakening the follicle and Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin seed work together to stop the enzyme that converts testosterone into harmful DHT. By morning, most of the oil has been absorbed, and you'll likely need to wash it out with a gentle shampoo.

2) HAIRMETTO® Serum is water-based for a gel-like consistency, and it's packed with Saw Palmetto extract, Stinging Nettle, and Japanese Peppermint. This combination prevents DHT buildup, soothes the scalp by calming inflammation, and stimulates blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. You can leave it in all day without feeling oily; it even has a slight hold for styling.

Both products complement each other (including the scalp roller for hair growth - sold separately or in the KIT), provide continuous day & night defence against DHT buildup, anti-inflammatory scalp protection, enhanced blood circulation, and nutrient antioxidant support for new growth - without any drug-related side effects.

(Even those who do not suffer from androgenetic alopecia will appreciate the soothing, anti-inflammatory properties if they suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, excessive sebum production, scalp psoriasis or a host of other scalp conditions caused by inflammation.)

See the collection of all HAIRMETTO topical saw palmetto natural scalp treatments here.

Hair regrowth takes time and patience, but it is possible. When you begin to notice thinning or hair loss, taking action as soon as possible is essential to nourish your hair roots and promote healthy growth. Regularly using topical scalp treatments like HAIRMETTO®, you can provide your roots with the nutrients they need to thrive.

It's important to remember that healthy roots are the foundation for healthy hair, and while it may take longer for those who have experienced hair loss over a more extended time, improvement can be felt in just days or weeks. Regrowth can become visible within 3-6 months. The sooner you start using the KIT with hair restoration micro needling, or the Dermaroller for hair loss, the sooner you'll see results.

There is no overnight cure, but you can see real results with consistency and daily application of quality nutrients. So don't wait any longer. Start today and give your hair the love and nourishment it deserves.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products. That's why we offer a happiness guarantee. We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to providing you with a positive shopping experience.

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