How To Use a Dermaroller

Have you acquired a Derma roller? Or perhaps you're curious as to the benefit it would provide? Derma rolling the scalp gently ‘wounds’ the skin. This creates a 'healing response' where the body 'repairs' itself. Collagen and new cells go into production. This is necessary for the follicles to be revived. Derma rolling should not be done too often. Here's how to benefit from using the Derma roller on your scalp

 How To Use A Derma Roller:

  1. Wash hair and scalp with a natural shampoo. Once per week, use the derma roller along with HAIRMETTO® OIL (black bottle). Although the texture is oily, it contains necessary collagen boosting and skin soothing botanicals that, along with the derma roller, stimulate collagen production as well as the production of new skin cells. (A Dermaroller* is included in the HAIRMETTO® Hair Restoration Kit, complete with both the Oil and the Serum for up to a 6-month supply.)
  2. Once hair is dry, apply HAIRMETTO® OIL to lightly coat the scalp and massage in.
  3. Sanitize the derma roller with rubbing alcohol or boiling water.
  4. Using light pressure, roll the derma roller over hair loss area of scalp in a consistent pattern of back to front, side to side and diagonally. Perform each motion 3 to 5 times. Do not press hard enough to draw blood. Do not use on areas with wounds.
  5. Once more apply a few drops of HAIRMETTO® OIL to the scalp and leave on for 8 hours or overnight for best results.


What Store Sells Derma Rollers?


A derma roller is included in the HAIRMETTO® Hair Restoration Kit. Its needles are 0.25mm in length which is ideal for stimulating circulation and absorption of topical nourishment. Do you want to buy one with longer needles? Visit our store online to purchase a derma roller with a length of 0.5mm, as these are sold separately. A 0.5 mm derma roller promotes further hair growth and new cell production.