Does Sugar Affect Hair Loss?

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss.

Even if you’re genetically predisposed, you can ward off early hair loss. You may have heard of epigenetics where stressors other than genetics can determine the direction in which a gene will go.


Could one of those stressors be our diet? Could a diet high in sugar be contributing to hair loss?


There are at least half a million glands in the scalp, all of which serve the purpose of growing hair. In order to function properly, these glands must be well nourished—starve them and hair loss begins.

Thus, diet and nutrition are essential.


Research has shown that a diet comprised of a high sugar content and refined carbohydrates could be contributing to hair loss.


In 2009, scientists in Finland noticed a common denominator in understanding receding hairlines: Men with insulin resistance were much more likely to be bald. The most common cause of this resistance? A high sugar and refined carbohydrate diet.


While insulin is working to keep our blood sugar levels from going too high, indulging our body with frequent high doses of sugar can make the pancreas tire of its job and go on ‘strike’ as it were. The body becomes insulin resistant, and type 2 diabetes can result.


There are currently about 170 million worldwide affected by diabetes including 20 million diabetic patients in the USA; numbers which are expected to double by 2030.


Without enough insulin, high blood sugar levels result, and these chronic levels can cause a variety of complications.


One complication, as stated by Medical News Today on the subject of high blood sugar levels, is damage to the blood vessels:

“Damage to blood vessels can restrict blood flow, resulting in certain cells getting less oxygen and nutrients than they need. This deficiency can negatively impact the normal growth cycle of hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss.”


Oxygen and blood flow are essential to the health of all cells, including those in the scalp.


In summary:

  • a constant diet of sugar intake can create insulin resistance
  • Insulin resistance can result in high blood sugar levels
  • Elevated levels of insulin can cause damage to the blood vessels, restricting blood flow and preventing the hair follicles from being delivered the nutrients they need to thrive.


While more research is still needed to see just how this relationship works, a strong point is summarized well by renowned Dr. David Kingsley:

“The consensus is that diet influences hair loss.”


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