Is hair loss all about genetics?

Genetics has SOMETHING to do with it...but not ALL of it! This is good news!

Just because you're genetically prone to something, doesn't mean you're doomed to be that way. For example, does alcoholism run in your family? Does that mean you're destined to become an alcoholic? No, the genes may be there, but there are certain stressors (ie: environmental, toxins) that may activate a gene. In the case of alcoholism, lifestyle choices would play a large role. 

This is the science of EPIGENETICS. Now, we're not scientists, but the research done for us available through universities and doctors suggest that the turning on and off of certain genetic switches play a larger role than genetics alone.  

When a scientific body such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that genetics account for only 10% of disease, with the remaining 90% owing to environmental variables, you can rest assured that the epigenetic theory carries a lot of weight.

While the widely held view is that hair loss is hereditary, investigation on the subject reveals that diet and nutrition may play a greater role than previously thought. 

In many cases, diet and nutrition are a few of the switches that determine in which direction a gene will go! 


So don't give up hope! Fight for it. Prevent your hair from thinning by your lifestyle choices and topically supplying your follicles with a DHT blocker and antioxidants. Don't wait until you've noticed hair loss. Keep the hair you have healthy and beautiful with prevention.