Saw Palmetto Oil vs Capsules for Optimal Hair Growth - Which is Better?

Childbirth, thyroid problems, alopecia areata, anagen effluvium, pregnancy. There are various causes of hair loss. At the same time, there are various treatments available for the prevention and regrowth of hairs. Let's evaluate the pros and cons - saw palmetto topical vs oral for hair regrowth treatment - or should you use them both?


What is the best way to take saw palmetto - Oral vs Capsules?

There are two main types of capsules, hard-shelled and soft gel. Hard-shelled capsules consist of two halves. Among them, the one that carries medication is called LHFC. Airtight LHFCs can contain more than one drug. Soft-gel capsules are usually semi-transparent as opposed to opaque. Capsules are fast-acting, tasteless, and have higher drug absorption.

However, there are certain drawbacks to capsules which should be known so that we can take a judicious call when choosing any treatment - hair or otherwise. Capsules are less durable, have a shorter shelf life and may contain animal products that may make them unsuitable for vegans. Additionally, most capsules contain additives, especially softgels tend to have a higher number of synthetic ingredients. When capsules are taken orally, the ingredients circulate in the body, affecting it systemically.

Since we're talking about saw palmetto for hair loss, many take saw palmetto orally (capsule form). While you can source high-quality capsules, if taken to promote hair regrowth, what is the amount of benefit directly to your scalp?  


The benefits of topical Saw Palmetto Oil for hair

Here we find the main benefit of saw palmetto oil vs capsules. The oil extract provides topical application for the follicles and scalp; the benefit of which is reduced if treatment is solely in the form of oral capsules. Topical saw palmetto for hair loss saturates the roots, delivering anti-oxidant nutrition direct to the follicles.

Saw palmetto oil along with pumpkin seed and castor oil help soften the strand, nourish the hair with vital essential fatty acids, reduce dry flaky scalp, balance sebum production and strengthen the roots. When deciding on using topical hair oil, it's well advised to ensure that it contains anti-inflammatory properties since inflammation is often the underlying reason for hair loss. If left on for a few hours, oils will saturate the roots, delivering the nutrients where they are needed most, instead of circulating the body.


Have you tried Saw Palmetto to stop hair loss?

HAIRMETTO® Topical Oil is one such oil which is used by thousands due to its toxic-free characteristics, scientifically proven ingredients to promote hair regrowth with ease of application. It is made up of botanical plant extracts and various medicinal oils, each one of them chosen for its unique properties to protect, repair and restore.

When applied topically with the exact placement twist-top cap, the oils permeate the scalp, delivering the soothing and medicinal benefits right where it is needed. 

Supplementing with a high quality saw palmetto capsule taken by mouth is always a good idea in addition to applying topical saw palmetto. When considering which capsules to buy, look at the label. A good quality saw palmetto capsule will contain essential fatty acids of 85-95% and will be extracted using CO2 supercritical technology. If it contains less than that, the medicinal value is far less. If it is extracted using heat, the medicinal value is lost. If the label doesn't say, it's safe to assume that the production of the saw palmetto is one of cost effectiveness, and not in the consumers best health interest. 


Saw Palmetto - a natural DHT blocker

Saw Palmetto is one of the medicinal oils. It is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), and its extract works to inhibit DHT in the scalp. When DHT flows through the bloodstream, it binds to the receptors on the hair follicles. Once DHT has a grip on the hair follicle, it causes the follicle to weaken, miniaturize and ultimately the hair will fall away, leaving a non-thriving follicle without the environment to grow new hair in its place.

In addition to Saw Palmetto, Organic Pumpkin seed oil, USP Castor seed oil and Organic Stinging Nettle are other herbs and organic extracts used in the production of HAIRMETTO® which is fast becoming a preferred choice among those who believe in natural and pharmaceutical side-effect-free hair treatment.

Other important ingredients in HAIRMETTO® are Rosemary, Lavender and Cedarwood extract which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Another key ingredient is Peppermint oil which is found to improve blood circulation to the follicles, promoting the lengthening of the growth phase of the hair.

Together, these ingredients have raised hope among those who have preferred natural over synthetic when it comes to hair treatment. When choosing saw palmetto in either capsule form or topical oil, some choose to supplement with both. Remember, the topical Oil will be placed exactly where your scalp needs it most - delivering the benefits right to the roots! 

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