What about minoxidil and Finasteride?

It’s true, there are only 2 FDA approved treatments for AGA hair loss. One is minoxidil, originally designed as a blood pressure medication, and the other is a prescription drug named Finasteride.

Only Finasteride (brand name Proscar and Propecia) acts as a DHT blocker.

It was originally developed by a pharmaceutical company to treat enlarged prostate. A side benefit was noticed…hair growth!

The FDA approved the pill format for treating male pattern baldness. This drug is effective because it inhibits the enzyme (5AR) that converts testosterone into DHT, which gradually chokes the follicle and the hair falls away.

Minoxidil works through vasodilation, meaning it widens the blood vessels to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the hair follicles. It also works to shorten the resting phase (telogen) of the hair growth progress, which means your hair stays in the growth phase (anagen) longer.  It does not do anything to block DHT.

The only medically proven way to stop hair loss (AGA) and restore the scalp to health is to block DHT from choking the roots.

The only FDA-approved drug (Finasteride) that does this may have a host of unwanted side effects

Getting to the root of hair loss means blocking DHT. But are the possible sexual side effects of the drug worth it?

Saw Palmetto Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil each contain properties that do this naturally. Together they work to 1) prevent the enzyme (5AR) from converting testosterone into DHT, and 2) prevent DHT from binding to the root of the hair follicle. Other super oils add nourishment and anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe the scalp and promote a healthy environment for growing hair.

HAIRMETTO® is proud to offer you this botanical scalp care treatment to block DHT, soothe inflammation of the scalp and nourish your follicles.